When should we book you?

Most people don't realise that wedding photographers book up 1-2 years in advance. It's never too soon!

Nearly all my couples who book me tell me this! I have a really relaxed style of photography and therefore I'm perfect for you. I have all sorts of tricks to get you relaxed and laughing together when I take couple photos.



Do you sell albums and prints?

How much do you edit your photos?

Yes I do! I sell albums at:

Square album 10 x 10 £500

Landscape album 8.5 x 12 £500

Square album 12 x 12 £600

Landscape album 10 x 14 £600

You can also purchase prints and other extras through your gallery.

I'd say a huge part of the way my photos look comes down to the way I edit my photos. Each photo receives basic colour correction, cropping, adjustment for lighting etc... as well as my custom filter that gives it the vibe you see in my portfolio. I use something called Lightroom to edit in. I rarely use photoshop as I like to keep my people and images true to life and not drastically altered. The messy hair and crinkled nose when laughing is all part of who you are as people!



What should we wear to a couple/family shoot?

What is your image turnaround time?

You want to dress so you feel like yourselves, don't try and be somebody you aren't. You want to feel confident in what you wear. Try and compliment each other colour wise. Feel free to send me outfit ideas and I can offer any advice!

I post sneak peaks within 48 hours after any shoot.

For couples and family shoots I deliver within 1-3 weeks.

Weddings I typically deliver in 4-8 weeks during peak wedding season.



Do you travel?

What can we do with our images?

Yes I love going new places! Get in touch for a custom quote .

You can print your images and share them socially as you please.

Copyright remains with me so if you want to submit it anywhere for publication you have to just ask my permission first.

You can't re-edit or apply filters to my images as this breaches copyright - I do the editing for you!

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