What I'm All About

Hi, I'm a Norfolk based wedding and lifestyle photographer. When I'm not taking photographs I'm busy with my two young children: Alfie, who is two and Aria, who is one. Yup, you read it right I have two toddlers! I know what you're thinking and you would be right... it's madness! When photographing clients it doesn't even feel like work. I feel like I’m on a nice relaxing holiday compared to the chaos at home. Joking aside, I really wouldn't change my family, they are something special.

I live in a country village in Norfolk therefore just love the countryside, the outdoors and an adventure; I'm a huge caffeine lover (again I feel like I can blame the kids for this one); If my body would let me, I would eat chocolate all day everyday; I'm a Harry Potter geek (can't believe I'm admitting this) I'm one of those 'read all the books the day they came out' kind of fans. I also have two cats roaming the house, making themselves known most of the day and a giant indoor rabbit (my sons Christmas present!).

I also work as a nurse so if too much alcohol is consumed or crazy dancing injuries occur, you're in safe hands!

Oh, and I'm getting married myself in May 2019 so the more wedding talk the better!!

My Style and Approach

My style is authentic, natural and fun. I want you to truly enjoy every moment with each other, be natural together and just be you!

Choosing your photographer is a big decision. I think it’s really important you not only love my style but that we connect as people, I think that’s what makes you both relax around me during the day which is really important as I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable at all. When you’re getting ready and having a giggle I want to laugh along with you, I want you to almost forget I’m there because I fit right in!

My ideal clients are a couple that are looking for a natural and documentary photographer. I will take great photos of you, your guests and your entire day without you barely noticing I'm there. More partying and less posing! When we do take some couple portraits I like to take you on an adventure and just let the magic happen between you, I want to capture the raw, genuine, relaxed and romantic moments that naturally happen.

I love outdoor weddings, I love barns, I love venues with gorgeous surroundings, Saying all that I love any wedding that just portrays a couples personality whether that be pub or a city wedding!

When you look back at your gallery it will tell the beautiful story of your day, there will be moments in there you might have missed and there will plenty of laughter, fun and tears.

I feel so privileged to photograph any wedding and go on an incredible journey with you. Please do get in touch if you like what you see or if you want to meet up for a chat!

Cara x