This has been a VERY long-awaited wedding! When I first Launched my business Emily and Ian contacted me about their wedding. They had seen a family shoot I photographed and loved my style! I had yet to shoot a wedding and even knowing this they booked me for their wedding, years in advance! I cannot thank them enough for that trust. Luckily for them, I now have a busy well-established wedding photography business, but I am so grateful to them for being my first ever couple to give me the confidence to put myself out there!

Emily and Ian got married at a gorgeous church just down the road from her childhood home, then on to the stunning Batemans Barn. It was a beautiful day all round, so personal to them and just magical. The sun was shining for them and it was my first wedding with a golden hour! Here are a few of my fave photos and check out her amazing suppliers below too!


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